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Please Read This Life Changing Puppy Information....


We appreciate that you would love to see the puppies…


For this we Implore you to Watch our Live Video Customer Testimonials:


Our Testimonials Speak For Themselves!


You will Find the Link to the video at the End…


By now you probably have seen and read our 1 Year Wet Care Package that we text you which is second to none and extremely impressive.


It's a great relief to know that a Licensed Veterinarian Believes and works with not only us but also offers free services and care for all our puppies with their new owners.


Fortunately the puppies are just becoming old enough to leave their parents but still are out of state.


However we can still help…


It's an exciting decision but it's very important to know the facts...


The Puppies health and well being is our main concern which you will read about in more detail shortly. 


We are currently taking puppy deposits for customers who are looking to give one of our puppies a New Forever Home !


We can send pictures of the puppies to you if we haven't already…


Very Important & What Separates Us From Everyone Else…


We pride ourselves in creating the most transparent and stress free environment for the puppies… 


We create a seamless transition from the breeder to us to you.


We take away the Trauma of a New Puppy having to be subjugated to an Orphanage type setting which typically happen in a Store type environment which introduces many Negatives:



Pathogens & Disease



Dog Bullying 



*Older 6 month Old Puppies Corner and Pick on 8 week old puppies.


Food bullying which leads to diet issues & food aggression



Separation Anxiety 



*Which can set in from families and individuals picking up and putting back puppies throughout the day.


Sleep Deprivation



*Which is caused by unannounced frequent and infrequent visits.


Fear of adults or children 



*Due to being dropped accidentally during a visit.


So If your looking at that puppy in the window you really might be looking at that puppy in the hospital…


The false sense of security of holding and playing with that cute puppy in your lap at the store can lead many unfortunate times of having to explain to kids and family why “Little Bella" is sick and has to stay at the animal hospital for the next 2 to 3 weeks…


Heart breaking… All because we thought seeing the puppy first was the answer but what we really were did was compromise our real beliefs and at the end paid the ultimate price. 




So How Does One Get The Puppy That They Really Want?


Regardless of what our Logical thinking tells us we quickly revert back to the Look of what we want and brush under the carpet all important facts once we see the puppies. We simply compromise our logical thinking…




When searching for a new spouse or relationship if we put 10 contestants to choose from and the 9 on the right are extremely unpleasing to the eye, Harvard Graduates and had big bank accounts we would still choose the one to the left that was absolutely gorgeous even though not a Harvard Grad nor had deep pockets….It's just the way we do things as humans…


Similarly when searching for your new puppy if we put 10 puppies in front of you 10 /10 Times No matter how they acted you would leave with the one that you originally saw that was gorgeous in a picture and had came for or the one you thought was best looking when you arrived.


This could easily be proven by finding a talking dog that is extremely unpleasant to look at but speaks fluently in every language.  You still would choose the one that you liked on looks alone regardless of the talking dog.


If you still think your a puppy expert or an expert in personality testing of a puppy then you might want to read this…


We had a customer that came to pick out 1 Golden Retriever out of 10. After 2 hour of playing with the puppy they finally said that they would go to a local diner and make their decision. 


After coming back very excited they let us know it was a Yes.... We went inside to get the paperwork only to find them playing outside in the backyard with the puppy. 


When we looked closer we noticed with much experience that this was not the puppy they had been looking at prior to going to the diner.  Even though they looked very similar it was not the original puppy they had chosen.


When we broke the news to them they were shocked and assured us that it was the puppy. We showed them the original puppy that they were looking at and they replied “ It can't be that one it is not even playful…” 


After explaining that all the puppies had a microchip and the only reason that the one they were holding was more playful was do to the fact that the original puppy was so tired from the 2 hours of play that they had with them prior to going to the diner to make their decision. 


In Summary all puppies act differently at times for many different reasons…


If you choose from a litter of puppies and thought the puppy picked you… You were wrong… 


Had you gone back every hour you would have had found that each puppy would have eventually picked you and would be going home with 10 puppies.



We know it might be a little nerve racking to buy a puppy that you have never seen before.  Again Watch Our Live Video Customer Testimonials. You are probably not much different then them.


The Proof is in our Reviews !



Here are some questions to ask in determining why puppies act differently at different times..


Were they just played with by multiple families?



Is it early in the morning and did they just wake up?


Is it late at night and its past their bedtime?


Were they over handled and exhausted?


Were some of them just playing before you arrived?


Did they just eat breakfast, lunch or dinner?



Were they just playing very hard and exhausted?



​These Are All Very Important Questions to ask if regardless if you were buying or not buying on looks alone.


Any of these can affect the personality of a puppy at any given time.




A 15 year old child's personality

today is much different then it was at 1 year old crawling ever so cutely making it virtually impossible to tell its personality at they age of 15.


Puppies are like children.  They will typically gravitate and adapt to the surroundings & personality of the family that is raising them.


​Having a well behaved child is the same having a well behaved puppy. You have to raise it properly. 


​Just because you raise your children properly doesn't mean that if they were raised in a dysfunctional environment that they wouldn't come back changed for the better but only for the worse.


​Simply meeting a puppy for a couple of hours or meeting the puppy's parents is not going to do much.


The puppy's long term behavior is going to be dictated by how you the new parents raise it and by its home environment it is being trained at.


Did You Really Think Out All The Variables?


So the idea of thinking that you know how to pick the perfect puppy at this point might not be as simple as you thought.


Could you Imagine how difficult it would be picking out the perfect baby from a maternity ward…


Again with all the variables we would most likely still pick the cutest one!


Remember If this model of selling didn't work we would not be here. 


We are extremely successful and will not only earn your confidence but many referrals to come.


The bottom line is you want a healthy puppy from a healthy environment with a simple seamless transition from the breeders to us to you. 

That's what we do.




The Puppy Doesn't Pick You...

You Pick The Puppy. 


Now We Are Ready To Help !








Quick FYI


Here is What You Don't Get

And What You Pay For

When You Buy Anywhere


Other Places Will Tell You All Shots Are Up To Date....Highly Unlikely !


Always add an estimated $1000 to the quoted price of puppies bought at stores or breeders... Here's why:



If Shipping your puppy You're going to pay $500 minimum.


If Driving for your puppy You're going to pay $150 minimum gas and tolls.


You're not going to get 1 year free vet service package.


You're not going to get $1000.00 worth of vet visits & shots.


You're not going to get $125 microchip.


You're puppy will most likely not be fully de-wormed or a parasite free.


You're not covered for Parasite medicines which can cost upwards of $250.


You're not covered for Stool Sample Tests that usually cost avg $110.


You're not covered for all routine Vet Checks that usually costs you $100.


You're not covered for Kennel Cough which costs you est. $500 per visit.


Your'e not covered for Pneumonia which costs upwards of est. $3000 per week.



You're not covered for Leptospirosis.


You're not covered for Parvo.


You're not covered for Distemper.


You're not covered for Lyme Disease.


You're not covered for Vomiting.


You're not covered for Diarrhea.


You Pay With your local vet an Average Costs of:


$700 to $1000 

On your first 3 vet visits.

Leaving you without any free vet services.

Most of these are covered with our vet and more...


​ Please Watch Our Live Video Testimonials:

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