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Buying From Unknown Sources:

 Different types of breeders:


Typically An Orphanage

Or Foster Home

Type Setting.

Not A Seamless, Stress-free

Transition From Breeder To You.

Leaving Behavioral & Mental Scars

That Are Learned At A Very Early

Age From Other Miss Behaved Dogs.

Puppies Are Typically Not

Sized Properly With Other


Older Dogs Are Mixed

With Younger Puppies.

Puppies Rough House & Even Fight

For Long Periods Of Time.

Food Aggression Is Another Issue

That Is Developed That Could Cause

Issues At Home With Your Current Dog.

Mental & Physical Harm Can Result

From Adults / Kids Accidentally

Dropping Puppies.

Sleep Deprivation Could Be

Caused From Over Visitation

Of Puppies.

These Mental Scars Could last A

Lifetime Time. Causing Major Anxiety &

Social Disorders That Could Result

  Enormous Vet & Training

Bills To Heal.

Also Odds Are Much Higher For Puppies Catching

Colds & Disease When In A Store Environment

Which Typically Exposes Them To Many Different

Pathogens Including:

Kennel Cough, Upper Respiratory Disease,

Pneumonia, Parasites, Worms &


2. Out Of State Breeders:

Usually Puppy Mill breeders...

Possibly get only 1 distemper Parvo shot if any...

They are Not regulated.


Does not use the best live vaccines that protect you

from the most deadly disease Parvo Virus. 


If puppy has Parvo it could potential give it to one of your dogs. 

It is also not recommended to bring a puppy into a house

where a Parvo dog has been..

3. Local Breeders:


Usually Fake breeders..

 Have all the same issues as out of state breeder.

They go out of state

buy puppy mill dogs and list them on the internet and in different newspapers

then sell them from their house.


If you were to call 10 different phone numbers

within these listings you would find that 9x out of 10x

it would be the same voice answering the phones.

They will claim that the real parents are on premise.

  When you arrive and the parents are no where to be found.

They will tell you that the parents are out for a walk, etc...

However they really never had them in the first place...

But At this point your so excited with the cute puppies

you forget all about the parents. 

4. The Real Local Breeder:


Time to Time We Hear..

"This breeder is a good breeder in and has been breeding dogs for years...


" Well unless they have many multiple mothers to breed from

than they are really just puppy milling their own dog..


That should be enough enough light to shed on that type of breeder.

5. Internet Breeder:

Not Licensed.  Number  1 crime on the internet... 


Hundreds of customers a month send western unions

or money orders to fantastic sounding breeders of websites.

However they never received the puppy they ordered. 

It just never showed up.

The Ultimate Internet Puppy Scam.

Here is What You Don't Get

And What You Pay For:


If Shipping your puppy You're going to pay $500 minimum.


If Driving for your puppy You're going to pay $150 minimum gas and tolls.

You're not going to get 1 year free vet service package.

You're not going to get $1000.00 worth of vet visits & shots.

You're not going to get $125 microchip.

You're puppy will most likely not be fully de-wormed or a parasite free.

You're not covered for Parasite medicines which can cost upwards of $250.

You're not covered for Stool Sample Tests that usually cost avg $110.

You're not covered for all routine Vet Checks that usually costs you $100.

You're not covered for Kennel Cough which costs you est. $500 per visit.

Your'e not covered for Pneumonia which costs upwards of est. $3000 per week.


You're not covered for Leptospirosis.


You're not covered for Parvo.

You're not covered for Distemper.

You're not covered for Lyme Disease.

You're not covered for Vomiting.

You're not covered for Diarrhea.


With your local vet it usually costs an avg of


$700 to $1000 for your first 3 vet visits.

Leaving you without any free vet services.

Most of these are covered with our vet and more...


We are a Registered Licensed Pet Deal with a NYS.

We Are A Verified  Merchant.




You are safe with us. We are a Registered, Major

Credit Card Merchant with

We offer a 1 year Free Vet  Package.

Since we are in Suffolk County We Fall under the strictest

laws in regards to who we can buy puppies from.

By Suffolk County Law we can only buy from USDA licensed breeders.

This ensures that the breeder is inspected and also gives

you peace of mind knowing that the USDA would not license puppy mills.


We use an exclusive platform to background check

all our breeders which consumers would not be privy to. 

We are local and stand behind our puppies with a 6 month congenital warranty.

Our puppies come with papers, microchip, breeder information,

all age appropriate & proper vaccines, deworming / parasite medicines.

This is a value of roughly $1000.00 already included.

When you look at it from this perspective

you can clearly see that you get what you pay for...

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